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How did you do with your recent PCGS, NGC or CAC submission?

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Sometimes I get results back from the TPGs that make me wonder if I screwed up, they screwed up, or maybe even if standards have changed. This thread is meant to get feedback from the crowd. Tell us how you did with your recent submission compared to expectations, and how many of how many you're going to crack out.

I'll start with an unremarkable result from a recent submission, but rest assured that this thread was not inspired by this particular invoice. More on that later. But for now, let's just see if we can help each other.

My recent world coin submission to NGC was 7 world coins at the Express level. 5 coins graded correctly IMHO. The other two - the best two - solidly undergraded by a full point, maybe a bit more, and have been cracked out.

Andy Lustig

Doggedly collecting coins of the Central American Republic.

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