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Thankful to be here

Hello. I would like to say thank you to the admins for allowing me to join the forum, I am truly grateful. My name is James and I am a 34 year old college student from a small town in Ohio. I only recently began to really start getting into coins and so far I am just looking for errors. For the past couple months I have been trying to sell some of the coins I have on eBay in an effort to raise money to help with the ever growing expenses that have come with getting my education and it's been a real awful experience in every possible way. In the months on eBay I have sold one coin and the rest have ended up with an attempted scam for the previous five or six supposed "buyers". I finally have gotten to the point that I have taken down all of my coins and cancelled my account because it is truly unbelievable how many fraudulent people are on eBay. You will have to forgive me if I make any mistakes in my posting, this is honestly the first forum that I've ever been a member to and so I will have to learn as I go. I will be posting what coins I have soon and I look forward to gaining some true insight and while I may seem a little foolish with some of my coins I do apologize, it's only a lack of knowledge and I welcome any feedback. Again, thank you all for having me here and I look forward to the experience and the education that I intend to gain as a member of this group.


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    Welcome, this is a great place to learn. If you haven't already done so, check out sites like error-ref.com, doubleddie.com and varietyvista.com. One of the toughest things for newer enthusiasts is telling the difference between errors, varieties and damage. Do some studying up on these and you will be ahead of the game!

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    I'd be curious about the scams people have been running against you. They could help others avoid the same fate.

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    Welcome. I encourage you to use the forum search feature to ferret out some mind blowing errors, especially from member Errorsoncoins . C U around. Peace Roy

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    Welcome to the forum! :)

  • Thanks guys, I very much appreciate it. As far as the eBay scammers they all start off by sending an offer that is $50 or more dollars more than the starting price and once you accept their offer it then marks the item as sold. These people then send a message through eBay requesting an invoice for the entire cost of the purchase, which you would assume that they already knew that but then they ask for you to email them so that they can ask a few questions about the item and to discuss payment which I believe is against eBay policy. Out of the 6 or 7 coins that sold on eBay only one was to a legitimate buyer, the rest were simply trying to get my information with no intention of buying the coins. I tried to report it to eBay but I finally just gave up. It was like everytime I would list a coin and I would share the listing on various Facebook groups related to coin collecting, i would start getting views and then ones of these people would send an offer and once I accepted it then it marks the listing as sold then once I realize that the buyers are just scammers I have to then start over and relist the item again with zero views. It's just a head ache and a waste of time in my opinion.

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    Interesting. Thx for detailing.

    I've never encountered that. I wonder if the Facebook angle invites more scammers.

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