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Ancient Greek Tetradrachms

I have been looking over the web and cannot find images for the coins of the major Greek city-states. Can anyone direct me to a website or book that has images? I would like to make myself some sort of check list when I purchase one. Id be open to other denominations too. Any help would be appreciated.


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    Wildwinds is an oldie but a goodie, my go-to site for a one-stop-shop for images of ancient coins, be they Greek, Roman or other. It's not comprehensive, but shows a more-than-above-average representation of the coinages issued by each city, state and king.

    Here is their Greek index: http://www.wildwinds.com/coins/greece/i.html

    Note: it's not restricted to tetradrachms; all denominations are listed together, and the sorting is by catalogue number so for the larger entries you might need to do some scrolling to find them all. When you click on an entry, click on the "browse the page with thumbnail images" link at the top, to see pics of all the coins.

    There are other good websites out there; acsearch.info is another good one, though is more search-based and is limited to auction sales so doesn't include private submissions or museum collections, but if you wanted to limit it to tetradrachms you could simply add "tetradrachm" to the name of the city you're searching for. https://www.acsearch.info/

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