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FSHO: Philippines JIM Counterfeiting (?) Plates

I bought these plates over 20 years ago in the US. I have heard of 1-2 others, but nobody seems to know exactly what they were for. I bought them to research them, but never got around to it, so am selling them off so someone else can do it. I have never been able to find anything about Ball Micro-Metal.

I suspect they were used in some kind of counterfeiting operation since the plates are definitely not official. Possibly WWII era since JIM notes wouldn't have been useful after then. Maybe the Filipinos were counterfeiting Mickey Mouse money (as they called it)?

The plates appear to be some kind of photo etch material (they say Ball Corporation Micro-Metal 8095 on the orange reverse). The edges aren't square nor even properly cut, so they were hastily made. They have a bit of corrosion on the etched surfaces now. I have not tried to remove it, but it might be removable.

Plate 1: 5 Pesos front & back; 1 Centavo front & back; 10 Centavos back
Plate 2: 500 Pesos front & back (a bit lightly etched); 1000 Pesos front & back

Have a look at the photos and ask me if you have any questions or want more photos.

Price is $100 each plate (I have two different) plus actual Priority Mail shipping cost (they are a bit heavy).
PPFF, Zelle, or check preferred.


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