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Valuation of autographed "Rudy Game" tickets

Hello, hello!

Sorry for the length of this but I want to avoid the annoyance of unneeded back and forth.

I have two unused autographed tickets (not just stubs) from the 1975 Notre Dame v Georgia Tech game (the "Rudy game").

I am getting the one authenticated by PSA right now. My dad graduated from ND in 1975 and went to the game. And we watched Ruettiger sign the tickets in front of us so there's no question about them being real tickets with a real autagraph.

I wanted to see if anyone here could give a their opinion on what the tickets could be worth. I realize that this will remain mostly unknown - and unknowable - until I auction one of them or start taking offers. This is even more the case because I can't find records of this exact example ever being sold or auctioned. There are a couple records of stubs being sold a long time ago but not full tickets and usually not autographed. There's also an unautographed stub on ebay right now and the bidding is set at $12,500 but this doesn't really tell me anything until there are bids. Another unautographed stub sold for $1,865 back in October as well. Right now I'm thinking I would start bidding at no less than $5,000 and go from there but I'd like to know what you guys think. They are basically in mint condition. I attached a photo.

Thank you so much!


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    You might have better luck posting in the "Trading Cards & Memorabilia Forum".


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