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The passing of Ray Guy has caused me a mystery..... I met him once in of all places, the breakfast nook at a Best Western motel in Grants, New Mexico. I introduced myself and told him that I thought he was the best punter ever. True. He kinda rolled his eyes like , "Yea, I've heard that one before.". So, to break the ice, I told him that I had a brother-in-law who was a Raider and he seemed to acknowledge that he knew the name.....So, after that we had a nice football conversation..... Seemed like a nice guy. So this morning after reading the sad news, I went on the internet to see if Guy and my brother-in-law ever played together....... The brother-in-law is nowhere to be found on ANY Raider roster! From 1960 on. He had a lifetime NFL pass that he could use at any game, anywhere, anytime. I went to many games with him. He was a really funny and nice guy.....VERY self-confdent! Everyone at the Oakland Coliseum knew him....First name basis. Anytime we went out to dinner in the East Bay area, people in the restaurants would crowd around him.....A real celebrity!... He always had his own table..... Everyone loved the guy!....I'm confused. I could get in touch with him but I don't want to cause any embarrassment. He looked like a football player. Big. Strong. Tall. The best decision he ever made was to dump my creepy sister.....Anyway, What do you think? ....Was he a Raider or a con-man? I not happy about this. 🤔

Also, I don't want to mention his name because he is a very successful businessman in the Bay Area and I don't want to cause embarrassment if he's a fake. Weird.


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    What years did he (supposedly) play?

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    @Steven59 said:
    What years did he (supposedly) play?

    I always thought 1960's.....Because of his age...But he's not listed on any Raider roster for that time.....Including into the early 1970's....I also asked him once why he didn't play college ball for the hometown.... Cal Berkeley or Stanford. He told me that it was because his grades in high school were bad. He said they took that into consideration at those schools when recruiting.... Not like today.....
    And now I remember that one time at dinner, he tells me that the first time he took my sister to a Raider game,....."She didn't know anything about football!... Didn't know what a touchdown was!!" Odd, because her first soul mate was a full back at the University of New Mexico...... So, when he said that, I looked across the table at my dingbat sister and got this.....


    I'm beginning to think they deserved each other!

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    Don't take this the wrong way, but if you weren't going to tell us his name, you shouldn't have posted this. IMO

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    @thisistheshow said:
    Don't take this the wrong way, but if you weren't going to tell us his name, you shouldn't have posted this. IMO

    What difference does it make?......His name IS NOT on any Raider roster!.... AND.....He's a Super Rich man......I don't need anymore problems than I already have because I've wrecked someone's reputation! He's a PRIVATE CITIZEN for crying out loud!!! I have relatives suing me up the as* left and right!.. NOW!!!!.....I don't want or need any more lawyers involved in my life! Everyone wants a piece of me!


    I'm sorry I brought it up!.....Let's just move on! My mistake!

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    Hello Hydrant,

    It appears you came here to share, not to be judged or criticized. I get that. Some of us here would be active listeners and even provide you with our own assessment based on the information laid out. I found your story to be interesting. Feel free to PM as I do have a little insight that I can share with you.

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    I'm skeptical........... but then again I always am!

    "When they can't find anything wrong with you, they create it!"

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    This is interesting.

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