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PCGS Submission Results!

After an agonizing 8 months, I finally have the results from my February submission! (Quick note: this was another piggyback sub). I did fantastic on grades, but I can't say the same for the TrueViews. I've heard that they hired a new photographer, and I'm pretty sure that he took my photos, because to be honest, they're disappointing. But I can't blame him, Phil set some very high standards, I'm sure he'll get better. Not to complain though, I'm super excited about the grades. Here the results:

1940-S MS65BN - I first saw this coin at a coin show, at the table run by @COINS MAKE CENTS. Though I didn't buy it then, I regretted it. Thankfully I knew they were on these forums, so I was able to contact them and buy it online. I felt like it was 50/50 chance whether it would get QC, but I took the risk. I guessed the grade to be MS64BN, and it came back MS65BN! The toning came out very dull in the TrueView, it's much more vibrant in hand. I'll probably share photos once I get it in hand. Pop 13, 5 higher.

1954-S MS66BN - This coin was probably my biggest success from the submission, MS66BN is a very desirable grade. For the date, it's a top pop of 9! I bought it at a coin show and subbed it with another 1954-S that I already had (the one below). They were almost identical, and I knew that both of them were at least an MS65BN, but I thought that this one has a shot at MS66BN. Again, the toning came out dull in the TrueView, though it's not as bad as the 1940-S. Still, you'll see a lot more color once I upload pics in hand.

1954-S MS65BN - This coin is almost identical to my MS66BN above. I bought it from @mach1ne (aka MonsterCoinz), who accurately predicted the grade. Since its twin brother came back a grade higher, this one will be for sale once it's back in hand.

1981-S T1 PR64BN - While my first 1954-S was my biggest success, this one was no doubt the one I was the most excited for. I thought that it was a type 2, which means that if it straight grades, it had a fair chance at becoming a solo top pop. But it was 50/50 whether I would get the straight grade, so I was very worried about it. But it came back PR64BN! Sadly, it was attributed a type 1, meaning it has a population of 1 with 6 higher, rather than the 1/1 it would have been as a type 2. Still very happy with it, 1/6 is still a very low pop. The TrueView was the more disappointing thing, it looks very grainy, and I remembered the toning to be a lot deeper. But I can't complain, I'm just happy I got the straight grade for my set!

Here are links to my circulation strike and mirror proof toned Lincoln Cent set registries that my 1940-S, 1954-S, and 1981-S went into. Both sets had an increase in the GPA rating because of the new additions. Go check them out! And here's the TrueViews:



  • VasantiVasanti Posts: 425 ✭✭✭✭

    Beautiful coins. I actually like the photos. They seem less cartoony than some of the other ones I've seen lately.

  • CoinHunter4CoinHunter4 Posts: 311 ✭✭✭✭

    Congrats on your submission results!

    Loving the look of that '81

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  • FlyingAlFlyingAl Posts: 2,745 ✭✭✭✭✭


    Might just be me, but I think that's a Type 2 cent. You'll notice PCGS is having issues getting it right - the plate coin for the Type 2 variety is also listed as a type one if you look for the same TrueView. I think PCGS needs a new variety team or something.

  • CentSearcherCentSearcher Posts: 226 ✭✭✭

    @FlyingAl said:

    Might just be me, but I think that's a Type 2 cent. You'll notice PCGS is having issues getting it right - the plate coin for the Type 2 variety is also listed as a type one if you look for the same TrueView. I think PCGS needs a new variety team or something.

    I agree, it looks like a type 2. When it came back type 1, I just assumed that I was wrong. But now that I've heard it from someone else, I think they got it wrong.

  • DCWDCW Posts: 6,885 ✭✭✭✭✭

    8 months? That is insane. Hope it was worth the wait
    Presently, I don't know how any dealer can tie up their inventory for that amount of time by submitted raw coins to PCGS

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  • Yeah, I tried not to think about it much, but it was definitely worthwhile. Thankfully, I don't submit to sell, so I was able to wait.

  • GRANDAMGRANDAM Posts: 8,336 ✭✭✭✭✭

    The photos look pretty good to me,,,,,,,, unless of course the coins don't look like the photos?

    GrandAm :)
  • davewesendavewesen Posts: 5,668 ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited December 12, 2022 7:01PM

    I think the 81-s is a type 1, type 2's look like having an upside down S and the tops are flat rather than a peak. You almost need a loupe to see this.

    Was there any reason for long time getting graded and back?

  • You are not alone. I have been waiting nearly six months for my, previously PCGS graded coins, which were sent for regrade to have an attributions added. Apparently to add an attribution to a previously PCGS graded coin it must go through the regrade process. There is no other "Just add an attribution" option which stinks. Paying for the same service twice on the same coin is just double dipping and a bit exploitative. Stand behind the guarantee and charge me the price difference and reholder fee if the attribution is applied.

    You would think the previous grade would speed things along. That apparently is not the case as I submitted two crossovers which were turned in under a month. So it has to be the attribution and TrueView which is slowing things down. Once the coins made it out of grading after four months they have been sitting in encapsulation and imaging for two months.

    The most frustrating thing is if you call PCGS on the time it has taken they will tell you they are within their timeline if you subtract weekends, holidays and bank holidays. Hopefully the coins will made it to QA quickly and be in the mail.

  • davewesendavewesen Posts: 5,668 ✭✭✭✭✭

    If you have a PCGS coin already and happy with grade, attribution and reholder is all you need. Someone got theirs done in 2 weeks in US Forum, but I am not sire of service level,

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