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Value of 80 plus 2017 A Series 2 Dollar Star Notes SF -FW

They run from 13,000 to 20,000 in the 160,000 in the 1st run.
Seemed good to try and get the highest gradable Star Notes first
with a low enough run to give it all some spice. Bought the good flips
looked at the submission forms (grin) then realized none of the half a
dozen books I bought go past the 2013 series.
keep hearing about the 4 reports ? 2nd and 3rd runs that wipe
out any rarity to the 1st run notes ? But can not get onto the thread that
explains why a second or 3rd run ruins the collectability of a 1 st run.
At what point in time would a savvy collector have the top 10% of these

Star Notes graded and slabbed if ever ?
Trying to get past the confusion and any help is wanted.


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    ok cats got your tongues hey can not hate on you for that not when your counting on confusion
    to let you slide through.
    Will put the box up and in 10 years look at it again.

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