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The certification number provided 10000000 was intentionally DEACTIVATED in the PSA database!

I bought a card recently from a dealer, when I tried to add it to one of my sets, something looks wrong popped up???
Then I went to the PSA verification page and the above message showed up.
Can anyone help me with this???
thanks in advance


  • PSA has certified a card that they found out later is bogus. Contact customer service and they will ask you to send the card in and they will refund your purchase amount to you if they find out that they have certified a bogus card. This happened to me with a 1998 Topps centurion refractor card. They are numbered to 87 and you can find some of these refractor cards that are factory errors and not numbered. Someone had numbers printed on the back of one of these error cards and submitted it to PSA for grading and it was graded a PSA 10. When I bought the card and tried to register it in my PSA registry set I got the same error message you just got. I contacted PSA and they requested that I send in the card which I did. It turns out that the card was bogus and they refunded me my full purchase price including shipping costs.

  • Thanks for the information! I did contact psa. This card was reported stolen. The dealer refunded me in total plus shipping also. I will forever, check cert. numbers before I buy.

  • So what did you do with the stolen property? What card was it?

  • 1949 bowman #39 Billy Goodman RC PSA-8. Sent it back, received a total refund. PSA told me to send it back, if I had a problem, with a refund, they would help...

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