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This is a little bit concerning - Michelle Obama Becoming Deluxe Edition possible autopen worries

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I saw a cut signature from Michelle Obama’s signed Deluxe Edition up for bid. Interestingly this one has been authenticated by a third party (sticker is on back of cut). I noticed NONE of these books or cuts from them have been authenticated by any of the major authenticators yet ones from Barack Obama have dozens authenticated and slabbed by the various major authenticators.

So when I saw this one I decided to watch it. Bidding stayed at $30 for a while then finally ended for under $100. Shockingly cheap if authentic. The books usually bring $200ish give or take. Their issue price was $150. Barack’s in comparison brings much more. A Promised Land signed Deluxe edition usually brings about $600. When I see the regular edition of that book with autopen I see those fake ones bring $200ish.

So that begs the question - could all these Michelle Obama signatures be fake? Some kind of advanced autopen? Seems awfully strange they don’t bring a lot considering there appear to be very few other sources for her autograph. Barack on the other hand can be obtained easily outside his books - he exists on letters and in person signed photos and whatnot. Not so much Michelle. Some here and there but very few. And with this authenticated example not even bringing $200 it makes me very concerned.

I noticed the signatures look kind of flat like autopens tend to and certain parts of the signature seem the same throughout all the Becoming books, but when I see in person examples they look like they have a lot more flow and are quickly signed. These look slow and neat.

What do you think?


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