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UPDATE-British Crown Basic Type Set MISTAKE CORRECTED- Many thanks

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edited October 28, 2022 5:54PM in PCGS Set Registry Forum

I am hoping to straighten out a request that I thought was possible and it did not turn out as planned. I was hoping that the Churchill DDR that was recently acknowledged and graded could be used to fill the Churchill Crown slot that currently exists in the British Crown Type Set with Major designs. That was the goal. Unfortunately, the request was not expressed clear enough- I take responsibility for that. Instead, this coin was added to the Basic Set as another separate coin for that set. That was not my intention- I apologize for the inconvenience. I hope that the Churchill DDR can be deleted from the basic set and used as an optional coin to fill the Churchill slot in the British Crown type set with more designs.

Again... I apologize for how this unfolded. I have sent an email back to the Registry set group that is helpful and patient so hopefully this will be corrected as time permits for them

UPDATE- This was corrected today and the basic set is back to 14 coins- A special thanks to PCGS Registry Crew

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