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Appraisal for slabbed coins (diff between 'details' grade and represented grade at auction)

I have a need to place a value on slabbed coins. It's a loss value I'm aiming for in that a coin is represented as a specific grade at auction and when slabbed has a different grade and possibly defects such as cleaned, bumps, scratches etc, the usual things that make it result in a non-grade or no MS grade. Will be using in a legal proceeding. Do you recommend I get a valuation via a dealer appraisal service or a more 'legal' differential monetary result for the coins? Use a nationally recognized house such as Heritage, Bowers, etc if they will even touch this situation. I'm running out of time for Statute of Limitations.

If I decide to do appraisal myself, should I use Coin Week, green sheet. PCGS or NGS coin values or ...


  • my question was very similar to a grading company guy. Response was to use Heritage auction pricing. they sell 'defect' coins too.

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