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Question on 1964D SMS and 1972 DDO Penny

MissmoneypennyMissmoneypenny Posts: 11
edited October 12, 2022 4:55PM in Q & A Forum

Hi everyone!

Newbie to coin collecting and I absolutely love it. Wondering if the coins I have are special. Based on things I have read I was wondering if either of these coins appear to be a 1964D SMS which shows a major satin or soft finish and is so beautiful. Not like any of the other 1964D coins I have. The other one is a 1972 possible DDO shown on the number 2. My coin is in the middle and I compared against a regular coin on the left and a DDO coin on the right.

If anyone could share your thoughts I would greatly appreciate feedback. Thanks!!!


  • lcutlerlcutler Posts: 502 ✭✭✭✭
    edited October 13, 2022 1:23AM

    There is no such thing as a 1964 D sms coin. The so called sms coins are all Philadelphia minted. You will have to post clear pictures of the whole coin to get much info on the 1972, but it is certainly not the major doubled die for the year. It would have to match exactly, to be that doubled die variety.

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