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Among the people who figure prominently in this effort are the late Norm Talbert, Tom Miller, Bob Entlich, Leroy and Marilyn Van Allen, Bill Fivaz and J. T. Stanton. All have given freely of their specialized knowledge of error and variety coins.
The principal photography for this book was performed by Tom Mulvaney. His work includes the obverse and reverse photos of each date/mint combination, the error gallery and the grading guide. The enlarged variety photos were taken by Bill Fivaz, Ken Hill, Kimberly Levinson, J. T. Stanton, Tom Mulvaney and Leroy and Marilyn Van Allen. The photographs of the Smithsonian’s pattern nickels were taken by Douglas A. Mudd, formerly of that institution. Additional photos come from the NGC Photo Proof archive, including the 1917(P) nickel that appears on the cover of this edition.
The design and layout of this book are by John Feigenbaum and Kim Ludwig of DLRC Press.
A special thanks goes to the following professionals who provided their insight with respect to rarity and/or grading, as well as offering other useful comments: Jack H. Beymer, Don Bonser, Walter Breen (deceased), Mark Feld, Timothy Hargis, Don Harris, Joe Hollingsworth, Ron Miller (deceased), Bob Patchin, Norm Talbert (deceased), Larry Whitlow and Phelps Dean Witter.
An individual who was especially generous in sharing his research is Roger W. Burdette, who permitted me to publish in advance some of the material that will be included in the third volume of his monumental work, Renaissance of American Coinage. Others who provided reference materials used in the preparation of this book include Robert Van Ryzin, Nancy Talbert, J. P. Martin, Craig A. Whitford, Cory Gillilland, Eric P. Newman, Mark Van Winkle, Andrew W. Pollock III, Harry Miller, Mrs. Frank L. Curnen, William R. Ayres, Jr., Joe Wargo, David Blasczak and David F. Cieniewicz.
Thanks go also to the following institutions that furnished historical photographs and/or information: National Archives, Washington, DC; Smithsonian Institution National Museum of American History, Washington, DC; South Dakota State Historical Society, Pierre, SD; National Cowboy Hall of Fame and Western Heritage Center, Oklahoma City, OK and the American Numismatic Association’s Dwight N. Manley Library, Colorado Springs, CO.

Buffalo Nickels > Foreword
Posted by David Lange at 1 January, 2006, 11:45 pm. 12 views
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[The following excerpt is published courtesy of DLRC Press and its author, David W. Lange. This information was originally published in 2006 in The Complete Guide to Buffalo Nickels.]

by Bill Fivaz
I love Buffalo Nickels! And, because you’re reading this, obviously you do too!
It’s been called the “All-American Coin,” a classic example of true Americana, and it is, along with the Lincoln Cent and the Mercury Dime, one of the most collected series in all of numismatics.
And well it should be, with James Earle Fraser’s dynamic Indian profile on the obverse and a denizen of the West, a powerful bison, enhancing the reverse. Each design virtually fills its side of the coin, with the balance of the areas unencumbered by other features and with a minimum of wording. In short, it is a very attractive coin.
David W. Lange’s superb presentation of the historical events leading up to the design and issuance of this coin is, by far, the most interesting and well researched of any I’ve read. Please do yourself a favor by reading the portion of this book leading up to the individual date-and-mint analysis, as it will give you a much better appreciation of this beautiful coin.
His date-and-mint analysis is offered in a very user-friendly format and is easily accessible. The photos of the individual coins, taken by the hobby’s best photographer, Tom Mulvaney, provide the reader a wonderful example of the ultimate specimen for each issue, thereby presenting a challenge to assemble a world-class set.
The inclusion of a section on errors, as well as counterfeit and altered coins in the series, dovetails well with the many die varieties listed and illustrated under the appropriate date. Die varieties, incidentally, are fast becoming a very collectable segment of numismatics,

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