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Reholder Submission Results!

Hello everyone! It's been several months since I was last online (or did anything coin-related at all), because I had a very busy summer and a long school year ahead of me. But I'm back, and ready to get back to work on my toned Lincoln cent set registry.

A few weeks ago, I got the results for the reholder submission that I sent in February. I only needed to send one coin, so I piggybacked on a friend's submission. It's a PR67BN 1964 Lincoln Cent, which has a pop of 12 and only 2 higher. I sent it for reholdering to get a TrueView, and here it is:

I'm very pleased with the results, it looks just as good as I remember it being in hand. I'll be getting it in the mail within the next week. If you'd like to see my set that it's going in, here's the link:



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