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Does anyone collect Chuck E Cheese tokens

Ok I got a good deal on 5 arcade machines that are from C.E.C. The games are some of the old games but all of them work perfect. The games are (Hungry dragon, Captor Raptor, Hungry Froggie, The Ghost Hunter, and the 5th one is Ticket Blaster,, it's the one you stand in and catch as much ticketsas you can.. anyways. When I got them I plugged each one in and was making sure all of them had all pieces and nothing wrong with them,. So I'm there in my driveway checking them out and it's around sunrise and I drop a couple quarters in to see how they work,, next thing I know my neighbor drives by on her way to work and sees a bunch of flashing strobing lights and strange noises and realizes it's me playing inside my "driveway arcade". The look on her face was priceless. That's when I realized I had been playing them for about an hour or 2.. that probably didn't look too good ahaha.. so I start opening up the the coin doors and stuff and there was still a bunch of tokens in there. . Ive gotten a descent amount out of them so far and started going through them and got a handful of old ones from like 1980s and 90s and error ones that have no "C" on his hat.. So if there is any Collectors out there or are interested in C.E.C stuff then let me know. And I'll give you a good deal. For the tokens or the games. The games take both quarters and tokens and are the ticket redemption kind


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