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FS: Multiple 1979 Topps Baseball Complete Sets

BliggityBliggity Posts: 192 ✭✭✭

I have four different 1979 Topps complete sets for sale. All prices are net to me. Add $16.10 shipping (medium flat rate) for one set, or $21.50 (large flat rate) for multiple sets. "I'll take it" supersedes any ongoing negotiations. Please ask any questions and thanks for looking!

SET 1: This is a very nice NM set. Approximate breakdown is 12% NMMT, 57% NM, 26% EXMT, 4% EX, and maybe one VGEX. Ozzie is NM. Includes both Bump Wills variations. Price $349.

SET 2: This is a solid EXMT set. Approximate breakdown is 2% NMMT, 28% NM, 48% EXMT, 20% EX, and 2% VGEX. Ozzie is strong EXMT. Includes both Bump Wills variations. Price $299.

SET 3: This is a solid EX set. Approximate breakdown is 3% NM, 28% EXMT, 51% EX, 14% VGEX, 4% VG. Ozzie is EX with a slightly wide cut on the top left (factory, not trimmed or altered). Includes both Bump Wills variations. Price $249.

SET 4: This is a very presentable VGEX set. Approximate breakdown is 1% EXMT, 21% EX, 43% VGEX, 29% VG, 6% G, and 1% FR. A couple of the checklists have some writing, and two cards (including Eckersley) are trimmed. Ozzie has a bit of a wavy left border but the wide parts actually measure a little long, and I'm pretty sure it's factory and not trimmed. Left-border miscuts seem to be an issue with '79s. Price $199.

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