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Well this is a new way to waste time on eBay... pass the drinks!

airplanenutairplanenut Posts: 21,757 ✭✭✭✭✭

I sold a coin to a buyer located out of the country. He requested that I ship to a friend in the USA, which is no problem. In the order notes and as a separate message, he said his friend whose address he used is on vacation and asked me to ship to a different friend. Following eBay's policies, I told him that I can ship to the shipping address he gave me or redo the sale so he can change the address.

A few messages go back and forth where he points out that refunding and repurchasing is complicated, and then he goes quiet for a day. My ship-by date comes and with no go-ahead to use the original address, I cancel the order and then list the item as a BIN (it was previously an auction) and send a note to the buyer that it's available so he can buy it and use the desired shipping address with his payment.

A day goes by and I hear nothing from the buyer, but would you know... an eBayer with a different username bought (and paid for) the coin! And I take a look at the shipping address. It's the same one the original buyer used with his original payment. Sigh.

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