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Odds of upgrades at PCGS: Regrade vs Reconsideration ?


Are the odds of upgrading a coin at PCGS higher with a Regrade or with a Reconsideration submission ? Any thoughts, facts, experience ?



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    edited August 14, 2022 6:50PM

    In theory it makes no difference. The coin is the coin.

    I don’t have data, but my strong perception is in the real world, Regrade would have a higher percentage of coins getting upgraded than Reconsideration, especially to the next whole grade number.

    With that said, if I have a coin that I believe merits an upgrade, I only use Reconsideration, but that’s only because of my particular collecting habits. My coins have CAC stickers, and with Reconsideration the cert number is supposed to stay the same. With Regrade it must get a new cert number. If a coin gets upgraded with a “+”, but stays at the same whole grade number (like a 65 going to a 65+), then with the same cert number, for only $5, CAC will AUTOMATICALLY reapply their sticker without the coin having to be re-evaluated, since CAC ignores plus grades. So for me, I don’t want to risk losing the sticker.


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