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Question regarding a five cent type set

I'm rather new to the PCGS Set Registry and have stumbled upon my first problem I can't figure out on my own. I was going to do the COMPOSITE: FIVE CENT TYPE SET (1866-PRESENT) and the coin in question is the Return to Monticello Nickel (2006-present) part of the composite. I have a 2020-S PR70DCAM 5C but it doesn't list this as an available coin. I thought the design "Return to Monticello" would be anything 2006 to present as listed. Do I actually have to have a 2006 5C? If so, why wouldn't it only state 2006?

I will also note that I thought maybe the issue was related to proof vs circulation strike but that is not the case as it allows me to use PR or MS interchangeably with other coins in this composite that I have.

Thank you in advance.


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