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Time for a Special Type Set Focusing Upon Our Greatest American Women

As many are aware, PCGS has a registry set for the 100 Greatest Women, only 85 of the coins are required as the other 15 are viewed as "ancient". Some the women honored are familiar to many of us, including Eleanor Roosevelt.

This spurred me to ask why can't PCGS establish a special type set of circulating and commemorative coins honoring American Women, one with and one without the bullion First spouse set (because of the expense of these coins). For those of us with daughters, granddaughters, and nieces, would not this spur further the involvement of females in our hobby which is disproportionately over-represented by us of the male gender? For clarification, this would not be the primary reason for my recommendation of such a set. This is so important as we ensure that America's history on coins clearly recognizes all our heroes.

This is especially timely given the Washington Quarters American Women (2022-2025), First Spouse $10 Gold, (2007-present), Susan B. Anthony Dollars Basic Set (1979-1981, 1999), American Women on various commemorative coins (like 1994 Women in Military, or 1995 Eunice Kennedy on Special Olympics or 1999 Dolly Madison dollars), the Innovation dollars (like the 2020 SC of Septima Clark), and the Sacagawea Dollars (2000-present).

I have submitted this idea to the PCGS by requesting a new set. What are your thoughts? Would you support such a set?

Just my two cents.



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