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Poland, South Africa, Soviet Union, Silver Certificate and more!

My next batch of banknotes to submit for grading! I already have a Soviet collection, so there are additional ones for that. I’ve been to Poland several times and just loved the designs of those. The Dominican Republic note is of the Mirabal Sisters, I have 3 and am attempting to get every version there is, as there aren’t many and they’re not expensive. The Australian note came from my grandfather and has some signatures on it although I can’t make them all out. I think it might be a short snorter, he did see action in Guadalcanal and went on R&R in Australia if I remember right. The Silver Certificate is in terrible shape, but I inherited it from him and want to get it holdered anyway. The South African set are all circulated and were given to me by a coworker who just came back from a trip this week and knew I collect banknotes so he was very kind in bringing me a set!

Collector of randomness. Photographer at PCGS. Lover of Harry Potter.

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