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I bought a Dansco #7070 album with slipcase and a number of coins already in it. The idea was sort of a sideline project- eventually I intend to flip it, though until I do sell it, I will work on it and have fun with it. Obviously the price will go up as more coins are added, but if you want to take this on as YOUR project, here's the opportunity.

As of this posting, the album is not complete but is well on its way there, with 58 of the 72 slots filled (a little over 80% complete). I have all the half cents, Bust halves, and a Trade dollar (which is an ANACS slab crackout). The tougher Seated dollars remain to be added, as well as some easier coins.

Below is a list of my costs. I'm asking a bit above that, because, well, I took the time to make this spreadsheet and shoot photos of both sides of all the coins so you can see what's there. I put some work into this.

Asking $1,850.

That image gallery can be seen here.

Here's my cost breakdown:

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