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For sale: modern currency at less than exchange rate! GBP, CAD, Euro, Swiss, AUD, NZD, Japan etc

Have several coins of each:
Canadian dollars 270 CAD all 50 cent or 1 or 2 dollar coins --> 0.65 dollar to 1 CAD
Euros 430 in coin 50 cent and up --> 1 euro to .90 dollar
Australia 600 dollar (1 and 2 dollar coin) --> 0.50 AUD to 1 USD
GB pounds 20 pence and 420 pounds --> 1.05 GBP to USD
Swiss francs
New Zealand dollars
Japan Yen

Let me know!

Good deals with KollectorKing, ChrisRx, Tookybandit, LukeMarshall, and Ajaan! On cointalk, Histman, Sakata, Blisskr, and a few others!

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