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As some of you already know, I’ve been in the process of selling my collection. I’ve thought long and hard about this decision and feel it’s the best thing to do to minimize the stress and confusion to my heirs when I pass. I’ve gotten excellent advice from forum members, family and friends. Thanks to everyone that has helped me.

Here’s what you can expect ~ Basically, everything you’ve seen me post here and on other forums for the last 15 years.

~Fancy serial numbers. Radars, repeaters, low and high serial numbers including many serial #12 notes.

~Sheets, everything from 4-subject to 50-subject in every denomination through $100. Lots of sheets.

~ Every BEP Lucky Money note ever offered with the original government packaging. Many with fancy serial numbers.

~ Many courtesy autographed notes including a $10 replacement note with two BEP engravers autographs.

~ Many WEB notes from series 1988A, 1993 and 1995 including the coveted B-L block and the replacement note.

~ Every $1 Hawaiian emergency issued note including the A-C block and the replacement note.

~ All blocks of the series 1995 BEP $5 Prosperity notes offered in 4-subject sheets.

~ Every 1976 $2 FRN replacement note in a 4-subject sheet and individual replacement notes.

~ Lots of error notes including a fold-over WEB error note, and a Natick error.

~ Many large-size favorites (Chief, Bison, Battleship and more).

~ A very nice small-size $500 and $1,000 note.

~ And something that I’m most proud of. Every single $1 FRN replacement note from every series and every district in UNC condition from 1963 forwards. Many hard to find short run replacement notes and every note on both of Robert Azpiazu’s Top 10 rarest list of replacement notes and non-star notes including the 1981 $1 J-D block in 68PPQ (finest known).

Robert Calderman is the new owner. With Robert you can look forward to professional, courteous service with competitive pricing. All without all those pesky buyers fees and additional miscellaneous charges. Anyone with questions or needing scans can message or email me.

Thanks for reading.

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