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Bo Jackson 90 Donruss BC-1 Baseball Card Print Defect Front Large White Dot on Face

RogueSquatchRogueSquatch Posts: 12

I've had this card since I was a kid. Which was a while ago. This Bo Jackson 90 Donruss BC-1 has a print defect of a huge white dot on his face. It looks like one of the dots off his collar tried to escape. Or maybe bird poop. lol

I scanned the card at 1200 dpi so you can zoom in to see that the dot was actually printed on the card and not something that got on the card after I owned it. Being scanned at such a high dpi makes the colors look lighter than they are. The actual card looks like any other card like this. Except for the dot. of course, I'm sure they're quite a few of these cards out there. There is wear on the edges from me handling it as a kid. Like most kids back then I was a big Bo Jackson fan so I would pull it out with all my other Bo Jackson cards from time to time. The edges are not as noticeable in person.

I don't know if I want to sell. But I did want other collectors to see and share their input.




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