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Great Collections ending 7/3--pt Chinese Unicorn, gold Britannias-- 1997 (chariot/MS), pf 2012,14,15

Some stuff on Great Collections coming up and ending next Sunday.

Funny, I had some pictures of one of the items I took back in 2018 thinking I'd sell, and it's finally for sale in real life :smiley: In any case time to free up some funds for some more esoteric things...now that my hobby is supposed to be self funding. Sort of.

So, up first, 1996 1/20 oz. Chinese platinum Unicorn NGC PF-69

A pretty nice non-proof gold Britannia, 1997, one with the chariot. NGC MS-69
GC photos:

A lone proof 2012 Britannia PF-70 1/10 oz gold
GC photos:

Full set of the 2014 gold Britannias (including the original packaging) NGC MS69-70
GC photos:

and finally,

Full set of the 2015 gold Britannias (including the original packaging) NGC MS60-70
GC photos:


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