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NGC Graded Toned Canadian Coins FSH

erwindocerwindoc Posts: 4,896 ✭✭✭✭✭

I have a few very nicely toned NGC Canadian coins for sale that Id offer for sale here before moving them on other locations.

First is a very attractively toned1967 half graded MS63. I think it should have been a 65 because of the reverse and exceptional toning but the obverse is a bit too baggy for a 65, so MS63 it is. Pop in this grade is only 24. Asking price is $50 delivered.

Next is a 1967 MS64 graded quarter. It has a beautiful nearly solidly toned midnight blue color on the obverse with a little bit more reddish hue on the reverse. Pop is only 31 at this grade and it is a nice specimen for the toning lovers! Asking price is $45 delivered.

Next is a 1967 MS64 graded dollar. Toning is slightly more mottled than the other coins in my offering, but still very attractive and the reverse is MUCH better than the images. The obverse toning slightly resembles a sunset with the fading colors that darken as it goes beneath the bust and the reverse looks like a goose flying after sunset. Only 19 better in the grade! Asking price is $65 delivered.

Finally is a 1959 Canada dime. Graded MS65 by NGC. I absolutely love the color of the reverse! Gives the image of ship sailing in the evening waters of Canada in stormy waters! Both sides are well struck and gemmy! Asking price is $45 delivered.

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