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2022 July 24 The Skourtes Collection of Fancy Serial Number $2 FRNs Showcase Auction - Heritage

Hello Friends,

I just wanted everyone who I know here on this forum to hear it from me directly that my entire $2 and U.S. currency collection will be auctioned as a standalone auction with Heritage. Some of you will recognize my name on the auction title; and I also never told anyone about my decision. I hope it is ok to discuss all of this here on the forum with you.

You should be able to start seeing auction previews in the upcoming days. There are some notes up now with many more to be added and get back from grading. The auction ends on Sunday, July 24th.

I have been working on this collection for the last 15 years and it has brought a tremendous amount of experiences, emotions, and friendships in my life. I have always jokingly thought that my collection was built by a crazed person driven by the love of the two dollar bill and fancy serial numbers. It is also very true! The obsession has kept my focus over the years and my passion for the hobby has helped me build what I humbly feel is a two dollar bill collection that I am very proud of. Simply said, I feel that now is the right time to let everything go into the hands of others. Myself and my family are in a great period in our lives right now. I am simply letting that “maniac” free and wish to use the proceeds for a project that is focused on us together.

For a little background, this is my entire collection and nothing was cherrypicked by others. The highlight of the collection is the fancy serial two dollar notes. I also was focused on high grade $2 FRN, errors, stamp & postmarks, sheets, BEP products, lowballs, and scarce block notes. I was always focused and stubborn about condition. Even if the label had a high grade, eye appeal was important. Or it couldn't just be a fancy serial number like a regular radar, but one that was zero binary or all 1s and 2s etc. I never filled holes, I always wanted the best example of what I could afford.

There are also many items that are not two dollar related such as fancy serial 1928 FRNs, Oregon Nationals & Depression Scrip, and American Liberty Dollars. I would be happy to share any knowledge I have of a note if you send me a PM and will maintain objectivity and discretion. There are some nuggets here for any budget.

Most importantly, I have honestly made some very good friends through this hobby and forum. I have also learned far more knowledge from the experts here that I have ever learned from on my own. From great posts to personal conversations, I thank you all. Thank you collectors and dealers for helping to build this collection because many of these notes came for your collections and inventory.

Best, Michael



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