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Noteworthy Notes: 1889 Bank of North Queensland £1

From 1817 to 1910, hundreds upon hundreds of issues from many dozens of Australian private issuers and local governments have been cataloged, with the bulk of these banknotes being quite rare.

One of this private issue’s most appealing qualities involves the fact that it spent time in circulation as a fully issued banknote. Because of the small stature and footprint of most private issuers as well as the short length of time in business operating and issuing banknotes (bank failures of various forms were inevitable for many), unissued, unsigned, and undated remainders as well as printers’ proofs and specimens of banknote designs in high grades are much more frequently encountered.

Full article: https://www.pcgs.com/news/noteworthy-notes-1889-bank-of-north-queensland

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