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Sets of Autograph racing cards.

I was a pit crew member and met a few drivers and got autographs. I’m not sure if racing cards are on this forum (Newbie). They are sets of 6-8 cards all signed. Would I do better selling one card at a time or the complete set? I also have sets of 200 cards with about 25-30 signed, by deceased drivers, again one at a time or the sets. Just gotten to old and my kids have no interest in them. Plus I have to down size for small apartment.
Thanks for your time and help on this.
PS. I’ve seen a couple of 6-8 cards sets with only 3-4 signed for $299. How to find a price if all are signed?🤷‍♂️


  • My opinion I would sell them as a set, to try to achieve the most. As a set, you already did all the work for the buyer, He has nothing else to do but pay your asking price. Good Luck!

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