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ANSWERED 1976 Topps Star Trek Unopened No Gum Pack - Very rare - PSA Grade No Gum Packs?

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Hello and good day all!! Non-sport no gum packs are much more rare and very tough to find then sports no gum packs. The 1976 Star Trek box has about 1 no gum pack per 8 - 10 boxes. I can't find anything in the grading standards about no gum. I found an article from 2015 that I believe said not able to grade. Just would like confirmation if that is still correct? I actually have 2 packs, which is like a "hoard" considering the rarity. It's so tough for me not to open 1 or both, the stickers with no gum stains..............dang..........thank you in advance for any answers. Would add to my star trek registry if they do.

These are legit, roller marks match up, 100% sealed. Bought them from an older gent who got them when he was a young teenager at a Woolworths type store in1976. His parents bought him multi boxes, and he kept the boxes in storage all this time. I bought many mint like packs from him. The nicest 1976 Star Trek packs I have ever seen. Still in the Trek boxes..............not handled.


  • Chargers49ersLakersChargers49ersLakers Posts: 118 ✭✭✭✭

    Fantastic! Here is the response from the help desk of PSA:

    We consulted our pack specialists, and we are willing to consider these packs for authentication or grading. We recognize that packs occasionally were issued without the gum. They will have to be reviewed in person by our authentication specialists, and if they have no evidence of tampering, we would be able to authenticate/grade the packs. If we can accept the packs, and deem them sealed, we would not mention the "no gum" on the label, however.

    So, you are welcome to submit the packs for grading/authentication , and we will review them.

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