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Is there a link?

Hi All
I have a question, is there a link in the registry inventory that if I click on a coin in the inventory it will show the sets that the coin is linked to?
I have a lot of registry sets going and it would be nice to go to the inventory list and just click on the coins and it shows all the sets that the coin is in


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    edited May 14, 2022 9:41PM

    @alaura22 , I am NOT aware of that function existing, but that would be nice if it did. Perhaps someone more knowledgeable can provide the answer we’d like to see?

    By the way, when you signed off with “TIA”, since I am old, I thought you were signaling you were having a TIA. It was my grandson who explained to me that meant “Thanks in advance”. When my grandkids talk to me about Apps, I think they’re talking about appetizers, lol.


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