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Question regarding the San Francisco Mint

Let me just start off stating I know this forum is probably not the right place to ask , but it's a related topic ..
So my question is , does anyone know anything about the history of the San Francisco Mint and the furnishings made for it?
Now it seems silly why I'd ask here but I've looked everywhere for the particular company that was hired to make the furniture there sometime in the late 1800s. John Luchsinger and son. Then joined into group with w.j Heney & co. I've yet to find any history regarding this .
I wanted to ask here because I've seen that even coins are particularly of more value from this mint compared to the ones still operating . And the fact it's a topic relating to it.
Reason I'm looking is because I have recently obtained items believed to be from the mint. It's stamped W.J. Heney & co. Also signed by D. Swett of Santa Cruz.
It's a bedframe and vanity set. Although it does seem strange that it would have come from the mint however no other info has been found yet. Any info or advice would be appreciated 👍

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    Although, if the furniture is from the US Mint at San Francisco, the fact there were beds and nightstands if their offices might explain some of the unusual decisions and product we see coming from the mint. Just a thought.


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    Buf what exactly makes you think they were from the mint?

  • The stamp on the frame and the vanity ; W.J. Heney & Co.
    The only information I could find is on the US dept. Of Treasury website.


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    I still don't understand why you think it is from the mint. What am I missing?

    Your furniture (very nice, by the way) is from a company that sold furniture to the mint. But the link you provided says they were one of the most prolific furniture makers in SF. They obviously sold most of their output to buyers other than the mint. (Same for their subcontractor Heney).

    Jeep sold many thousands of vehicles to the army over the years, but that doesn't mean every Jeep you see is a former military vehicle.

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    @Beautifuly_Broken said:
    I wanted to ask here because I've seen that even coins are particularly of more value from this mint compared to the ones still operating .

    Just a note. The San Francisco mint is still open and operating today. Although they do not produce coins for general circulation, they produce colector grade coins in the form of proof sets and commemorative coins.

    The value of coins are not solely determined by the mint they were produced at but a combination of collector demand and mintage or number of coins made a certain year at a certain mint.

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  • Ok that makes sense, well put! I wonder if there's a way to locate the D. Swett of Santa Cruz , a former employee of Heney.?

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