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1993 Lincoln Cent Spike Head and crack on reverse

Hello, Came across this coin. The coin is in horrible shape. I soaked it in acetone and was able to get the black off of the obverse, but it's very dull. The reverse is terrible. Any suggestions on how to restore this coin to it's former glory, if it's worth it. The obverse and reverse have cracks. The rim does not appear to be effected. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much. Sony


  • OldhoopsterOldhoopster Posts: 2,930 ✭✭✭✭✭

    A minor crack on the obverse. I think the reverse is PMD, not a die crack.

    Nothing you can do about about the staining and corrosion on the rev. The added value would be minimal even if it was in decent condition, so I wouldn't bother wasting time on it. Either save it as is, or send it on its way to slowly corrode to zinc dust.

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  • SonySony Posts: 34

    Good morning Old hoopster, Thank you for responding and I continue to try and learn and appreciate your comments. Realizing the poor quality of my photos, I looked at my coin again and compared it to the spike heads on cuds-on-coins. This is the coin I believe it is, although it is in bad shape. Hopefully you can view my comparison and let me know your thoughts. You should be able to zoom in on the page. Any other thoughts from others would be greatly appreciated.

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