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Dipping in Acetone

Maz03Maz03 Posts: 283 ✭✭✭

I am not one to dip coins so looking for advice on this. I know someone with about 3 dozen (mix of) Morgan and Peace dollars in a wooden box they store in their basement. For helping them out with something recently they offered to let me have one knowing I like coins AND I get to pick it out. I do not know what years or mint marks they have as I only saw a few on the top but every single coin is dark. Not nicely toned but dark as in looking like covered with brake dust. My question here getting back to Acetone is, being it's in nail polish remover is that safe to use? Or don't mess with it in that form? Again, I don't dip or clean coins so before ruining anything looking for feedback from those who know how to successfully clean up their coins. BTW, from what I did see all these Morgan/Peace dollars looked to be within VF, XF, AU. Very few maybe would be AU and if so would guess the low end. At the moment my thoughts are take a Morgan as the few Peace dollars I saw on top were 1922-1925. I saw a 1879 and 1881 Morgan and that's all I could see in the few seconds I had but again they have close to 3 dozen so I'm hoping to get lucky.

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