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1976 - Walter Payton Grading Question

Hi, I am novice when it comes to getting cards graded. I recently picked up a 1976 Topps NFL Walter Payton (RC). It looks to be in really good condition, but the centering looks a little off, so I assume it isn't going to be a 10. My question which PSA service level should i submit the Walter Payton with. If I do the Super Express ($300) does that limit the possibility of it getting the 10 since super express has a max declared value of $4,999.00 and most recent PSA 10 sold for $72,000. OR would you recommend submitting at the Walk-Through Level of $600.00. I am hoping this community can help me out !


  • jimqjimq Posts: 240 ✭✭✭

    You should post in the https://forums.collectors.com/categories/sports-cards-memorabilia-forum for better answers, this forum is for people who collect sets. Also you'll get a lot more helpful answers if you add good clear pics or scans. Nobody knows what grade a card will get from a pic or scan, but they can tell what grade it WON'T get!

  • jay0791jay0791 Posts: 3,471 ✭✭✭✭

    Don't submit until you get feedback on some very good scans of the card.
    The price you pay is irrelevant on the grade you get

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