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I retired in 2020. I have collected stamps since I was 7 when my father gave me some India and Burma that he had accumulated while in Burma during WWII. It's time to go through everything. I've been selling some on ebay but can't get the collector out of me. I created an album for One Stamp per Country. It ended up a bit over 70 pages and 700-800 individual countries, offices, military, occupations, etc. Some are very expensive and will end up with replicas. I'm trying to keep the catalog value of each over $15 or so where possible. I just bought a Norway #21 Used (cv $73) a few minutes ago. Hopefully, I can sell everything I have and convert it to this book. If interested, there is a checklist and pdf downloadable (free) album on a Smithsonian website.


  • https://stamps.org/Portals/0/albums/Stamp-for-Every-Country.pdf is a link for the downloadable album pages OR, just use as a checklist for all the necessary places to make your own.

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    Hello and welcome to the retired club. I recently retired too (4 years ago) and also collected stamps since I was a kid. Since you still have a passion for collecting, I recommend attending estate sales in your area. Often, I pick up entire collections for next to nothing. Sometimes you can get some really nice finds both for your personal collection or for sale. Good luck.

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