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First Submission - Chance me

I just asking I just sent in my first submission it was the American Eagle 2021 One Ounce Silver Reverse Proof Two-Coin Set Designer Edition in capsules. What are the chances they are chances I get the PF70 grade?


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    MetroDMetroD Posts: 1,935 ✭✭✭✭✭

    It really depends on the specific coins.

    FWIW, here is a breakdown of the PCGS population.

    Source (downloaded 04/24/21)

    These figures are NOT representative of the total population, because the sample is not random.
    Bias factors include:
    ~ some submitters 'screen' their coins prior to submission. When this happens, it means that only the best coins, with the best chance at a 70 grade, ever reach PCGS.
    ~ and, some submitters specify a "minimum grade" (e.g., PR-70). When this happens, it means that any submitted coin that fails to grade a 70 is not reflected in the PCGS 'pop report'.

    Bottom Line - the percentage of 70 coins in the PCGS 'pop report' is going to be higher than the percentage of 70 coins in the total population.

    Best of luck with your submission. :)

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