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Mother Lode Mint 1oz silver bar

I come across a 1oz silver bar from the Mother Lode Mint. The front has the MLM logo with shovel and pick, 1oz, and .999 fine silver. However, the back side of the bar is blank. I've seen in three different places that this is a rare bar. I can only find one like it on ebay. Can someone tell me if this is truly a rare piece or not. Thanks for your help.


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    I'm pretty sure they made silver art bars back in the 1970's. Is it rare in the sense that not too many were made? Maybe. Is it valuable? Probably not. Generic bars are usually not worth that much.

    Also found this: https://forums.collectors.com/discussion/797167/can-anyone-provide-any-info-on-this-silver-bar-set

    Hope this info helps.

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    Commercial bar

    Item Number: MLM-49
    Reference: Kidd 5th Ed.
    Mint: Mother Lode Mint
    Content: .999 Fine Silver
    Year: 1973
    Weight: 1 OZ
    Serialized: No
    Reverse Type: Blank
    Shape: Bar
    Country: United States

    Looks like a rarity of 3.

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