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Registry Reads - March/April 2022

PCGS launched the “Everyman Mint State” category a few months ago, and it continues to grow at a steady pace. Many collectors have thanked us for creating a more “budget-friendly” category. To date, we have over 225 members participating within the Everyman Mint State Set Registry.

Our second most sought-after set is the 20th Century Major Types No Gold (1900-1999). This set may be somewhat more easily completed than other sets, as coins from the latter half of the century are relatively more affordable. Lincoln Cents, Eisenhower Dollars, and Susan B. Anthony Dollars can be easily purchased for relatively inexpensive prices. Some of the coins within the set may pose a challenge, such as the 1921 Peace Dollar in MS65, which can cost a collector northward of $5,000. However, in terms of completing this set, the 1921 is somewhat affordable between the grades of AU58 and MS64.

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