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For Trade: 1987-88 Panini High End stars: Tyson, Holyfield, Bird, Magic, Jordan, Senna - most PSA 9

Hi - I have a group of stars from the 1987-88 Panini SuperSport Italian set. (PSA used to label these as being from 1987, but now calls them 1988.) Most of these are just back from PSA, and all are as sharp as they come!

I have them listed for sale on eBay, but also want to consider any possible trades. I love vintage (older the better), but happy to consider anything. Only thing I would use as a guideline is that it should be for similar quantity of cards. For example, I don't want 150 $10 cards to swap for a $1,500 card. Maybe 2-3 cards worth $1,500 would be OK, but I'd draw the line around there.

Let me know what you got!

My eBay BIN / BO prices are listed below, though certainly will consider offers which are in the ballpark. Happy to send along better scans as well. Thanks!

Bird PSA 9: $495
Magic PSA 9: $495
Jordan PSA 9: $1,495
Tyson PSA 9: $1,495 (Also have a PSA 8 @ $1,195)
Holyfield PSA 9: $950
Senna 1988 PSA 8: $2,195
Senna 1986 Italian PSA 6: $1,675
Senna 1987 UK PSA 6: $1,475

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