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All You Guys Need to Get Off the Dime. -very sorry, wrong forum.

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But I really love world currency even if I don't have much to say about it.


I mean it, let's shake a leg. Ralph Kramden was once cursed by being wished a rich uncle would die and leave him a million dollars... ...in bus tokens. Well, I've been cursed in this way. I spent a lifetime accumulating rare modern world coins that had no demand at all. I could smell rarity from a mile away and could peruse coins at the rate of thousands per hour without missing much of anything. I stuffed safety deposit boxes with Gems of coins rarely even seen in Unc.

Now demand is up a hundred fold and prices are often just through the roof. Sets I paid a few dollars for and stashed away when they listed for $20 now routinely sell for $500.

The problem is simple enough; even though demand is up so much it's still infinitesimal compared to 18th century coins. Where old coins can be sold almost anywhere for half their value or more it requires great effort and a world wide audience to sell my coins for even a tenth of their real value. I've still got a bunch of safety deposit boxes I'd like to dispose of before I shuffle off this mortal coil and at the rate I'm moving them I'll have to live to at least 968.

Surely there's some modern set you've always wanted to assemble. well quit dawdling and do it!

I'm not looking for sympathy here since I deserve none, I'm looking for obedience.

I've been able to sell some of the US material even though it probably involves leaving a lot of money on the table but the foreign is especially difficult. A lot of world modern that is very rare still lists at low prices as well because it is not being collected.

I have no intention of proceeding without you so you might as well cooperate.

Tempus fugit.


  • cladkingcladking Posts: 28,124 ✭✭✭✭✭


    Wrong forum.

    Smoehow it's appropriate.

    Tempus fugit.
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    This ok, we redirected the answer to another forum 😈

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    Sounds like someone needs a Magic 8 ball.

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