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Royal Wedding Commemorative Historical Medals

Royal marriages were most often political contracts between countries rather than any kind of love match. In fact, a successful royal marriage that produced several children and heirs was quite an achievement as many of these lifelong agreements gave minimal importance to similarities such as age, interests or even religion.

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About Historical Medallions

You may be familiar with my late Aunt, Mrs Neddy Allen who was a numismatist for over 40 years, and had a special interest in medallions related to the City of London. She learnt about the medal business from her late husband, Peter Maundy Allen, and continued to trade well into her 80's. Over the last 15 years, she gradually passed on her knowledge to me and it was the stories behind each of the medallions that I found fascinating.

These historical events shaped our country and many have significance still to this day. Whether it be a gift for someone interested in a special event or something that adds to your collection, owning a medallion is to have a true piece of history to treasure.

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