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1996 $100 US super radar binary six-in-a-row center

I found this bill in the wild 2 days ago and I have no idea what it's worth is. The serial number is 27777772. I will add images as soon as I have mastered this interface.


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    If you found it on circulation it is presumably in circulated condition. That hurts value a little.

    Best responses would come if you posted in the Currency forum. (In theory the Q&A forum is for coins and currency but I think more paper money experts will see it in the other forum).

  • Thank you I will post there. The bill is in great shape to have been in circulation since 1996. I have links to images.
    This is the face of the bill. This is of the serial number

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    That big tear and the fold wear are not good signs. Good luck. Peace Roy

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