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Truth in Advertising

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Do you ever read the item description on an Ebay item and just know that the seller is lying? On at least two different occasions I have sold an item on Ebay only to see that same item show up some time later with a "provenance" that is BS. The latest one is included in a Harper Lee item currently on Ebay. The item is listed as "Harper Lee Signed To Kill a Mockingbird Hardcover Book w/PHOTO plus Personal Note". The book is authentically signed and the photo and personal note are reprints just as the seller has described.
The BS is in the description of the personal note. The seller's description of the note reads "A copy/reproduction of a hand written note from Harper Lee to my aunt." That particular "hand written note" is a postcard that I received from Ms. Lee and sold at a later date. I have included one of the seller's photos as well as a scan of the postcard that I made when I still owned it. The seller is "global-photo-archive".


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    Wow! I actually saw that exact same item when browsing eBay a few weeks ago while looking at Harper Lee autographs.

    I sometimes notice things sort of like that but instead the seller sells a COPY of an item that isn’t theirs (sometimes it’s an item I used to own or a friend’s item that I know the seller doesn’t actually have) and the seller lies and says it’s an exact copy of an item they own. I hate when seller’s steal pictures of other people’s items and sell copies of them.

    I remember once someone was selling a copy of the John Lennon signature I used to own at the time I owned it so I emailed the seller asking where they got the copy and they never answered me.

    At least they aren’t trying to pass the copies off as authentic but still bothers me. I have noticed a lot of copies of RRAuction sold autographs being reproduced and sold as copies on eBay as of lately.

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    That is outrageous. I'd like to say I'm shocked but I guess nothing should surprise me.

    This is why backstories with superfluous details automatically make me skeptical.

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