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Aaron Rodgers RC confusion.

Ive noticed that there are Topps RCs of Aaron that are PSA labeled...and Ebay listed as "retro rookies".
My question is.....what is the difference in these, and the common 2005 Topps base Rookies? Ive yet to notice a difference, but apparently there must be....it has its own pop report entry. Any info would be appreciated. Maybe some of the Rodgers registry guys can clear this up for me. Thanks in advance.


  • So in 2012 Topps & Topps Chrome there are rookie card insert for players from prior years for the 50 year anniversary. These are a subset for that year. They have a 50 year insigna on them. Not worth much.

  • TmbrWolf22TmbrWolf22 Posts: 583 ✭✭✭

    So....I thought 2005 was the 50 year anny. I know about the reprints in later years...(ya know..Topps being Topps). The reprints are easily spotted by checking copywrite dates on the reverse of the card. Assuming a pic of the back is available.
    This is something different though. Im assuming that this is a Mech error on PSAs part....unless im missing something.

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