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General grading/slabbing question for CWT collectors

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I have a rather large number of CWTs (40-50, mostly uncs.) that I am considering submitting for grading. Most (80%) will be under economy level submission with the remainder, and more valuable ones, submitted under a higher service level. My question relates to the grading services. ATS represents a cost savings, but a longer turnaround time. Anecdotally, I also think ATS makes fewer attribution mistakes. I know there is a pro-host bias here, which I definitely share, and I don't want to offend our hosts, but my sense is that both the market and grading is fairly uniform and similar among the grading services with CWTs. I have heard token dealers opine similarly. I do not believe that is the case for U.S. coins as has been discussed many times here and the market appears to reflect that. So, I was wondering if others agreed. FWIW, I am inclined to submit at least the more valuable pieces to our host.

I hope not to offend out host, because that is not my intent. So, perhaps responders can confine their opinions to the question of whether our host and ATS grade CWTs similarly and whether the market reflects that in pricing?


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