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3 PQ Portrait 8 Reales and a Cuban Proof Cent coming up at the SBG Feb CCO Auction

I have these 4 really cool coins coming up in the Stack's FEB CCO sale at the end of the month. I know some of you are fans of the Spanish Colonial 8 Reales like me, so wanted to share:

CUBA. Cent, 1916. Philadelphia Mint. PCGS PROOF-63 - AUCTION LINK

1780-Mo FF. Mexico City Mint. Charles III. PCGS MS-61 - AUCTION LINK

1792-Mo FM. Mexico City Mint. Charles IV. PCGS MS-61 - AUCTION LINK

1818-Mo JJ. Mexico City Mint. Ferdinand VII. PCGS AU-58 - AUCTION LINK

They are all sweet coins! Good luck bidding!



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