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FSHO: PCGS Graded Mexico Silver Pesos (1921-1945)

pruebaspruebas Posts: 4,281 ✭✭✭✭✭

All these are KM-455 0.720 Pesos with 0.3857 ASW.
Let me know which you are interested in and I will send you cert numbers and you can view the TrueViews.
In some cases, I have multiple coins and will give you a choice.
US addresses: Free shipping for orders of 3+ coins. Orders from 1-2 coins, please add $5.00 for shipping.
PPFF or check only, please.

Note: Due to the effects of most of the "old-time" coin dealers, these coins are untoned. Here is a representative example.

1921-M PCGS MS64 $300
1923-M PCGS UNC Details Damaged (looks fine to me) $60
1924-M PCGS MS62 $80
1926-M PCGS MS66 $260
1927-M PCGS MS64 $200
1932-M (Open 9) PCGS MS65 $85
1933-M PCGS MS65 $90 MS66 $120
1934-M PCGS MS64 $80 MS65 $100 MS65+ $130 MS66 $140
1935-M PCGS MS65 $120 MS66 $150
1938-M PCGS MS65 $80
1940-M PCGS MS64 $70 MS65 $80 MS66 $100
1943-M PCGS MS66 $100
1944-M PCGS MS65 $80 MS66 $100
1945-M PCGS MS66 $100

50c, 20c, 10c, and 5c coming soon!


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